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Pro Fisherman Campbell Now Guiding Off

Marco island

John's Mission:

To provide you a great day on the water.

Whether it is a family trip to catch some fish and have a good time together or a focus on learning how to catch more fish, a business executive with an important client or maybe even a young gun preparing to be a pro.

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Top Pro Money Winner
Chris Gilman
"I've fished with Captain John in tournaments for years. He knows how to put fish in the boat as well as anyone."
There are a variety of species of fish to target. More than likely, there will be several to shoot for on any given day. John watches the tides and knows the best time and place to hit the various locations he has already scoped out. When out and about in the 10,000 islands, it's not uncommon to see tarpon rolling on the surface, dolphin running alongside the boat, and tripletail feeding near the crab buoys. Give John a call and he'll tell you what happening on the water. 

Call 239-860-0976 for pricing and availability


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John is here for a limited time. He's also a pro walleye fisherman and charters up north as well. Call for Marco Island area availability today.


For walleye, see: http://www.fishingokoboji.com.

Now is the time for redfish, trout, snook.